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  • Máy cắt phim

    Film Cutting Machineh

    The machine can cut screen protector films of different kinds of brands and models such as iPhone, Samsung, iPad, Apple Watch etc.
  • Máy đánh bóng

    Polishing Machineh

    The machine is specifically designed to remove scratches on the phone screen, phone back glass and smart watch screen.
  • Máy laser

    Laser Machineh

    Combine laser marking machine with fume extractor and computer. Back glass and laser engraving can be removed.
  • Hot Pressing Machine

    Hot Pressing Machineh

    FPC flexible cable and PCB board welding, etc.
  • Big Hole Back Glass

    Big Hole Back Glassh

    Big hole back glass for all models , which no need to disassembly the camera frame , easy to install , oem quality
  • Vacuum Laminator

    Vacuum Laminator h

    Easy setup ,Fully Automatic , works great all big lcd screen lamination. Vacuum Lamination which protect LCD Screen well , no damage , pressure can be adjusted based on your screen thickness


    Remove Polarizer,OCA glue and any Bubbles exist after lamination.ok for big flat panel screen repair. Various size for option.
  • Laminating Machine

    Laminating Machineh

    The machine is used for large lcd screen lcd for imac iPad tablets screen film laminating until 35 inches. Accurate alignment way , easy to apply oca polarizer film on lcd or glass.

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Jiutu is a well-known manufacturer specialized in all kinds of development and production of various LCD repair machines . We have been doing OCA Machines over 7 years , our machines and parts are widely trusted by customers . Jiutu now becomes worldwide brand , we have got certificate  in China , USA and Europe .Please recognize our brand jiutu before buying . Thank you .

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