Optical Bonding for outdoor and high ambient light applications

We have options for various films which will dramatically reduce the effects of unwanted glare
In almost all displays there is an air gap between the TFT panel and the cover lens. This causes refraction in each level: cover lens, air gap and TFT panel. Optical bonding is where an optical compound is inserted in the air gap between the cover glass and the TFT LCD, creating a single level of refraction. By reducing the internal reflection, the contrast and view-ability is increased. This in turn makes the display more readily seen in bright conditions, without the need to increase the brightness and the corresponding higher power consumption. Optical bonding has many other features making it a popular option, these include:
Improved sunlight readability
Reduced reflections and refractions
Greatly improved durability and ruggedness
Increased contrast ratios
Improved resistance to vibration and moisture
Suitable for harsh temperature environments
Enhances the backlight performance
Prevents condensation and other contamination ingress
High impact absorption

Post time: Oct-11-2019
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